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We provide both individual tutoring services and group lessons that cater to every type of student.

Group Lessons

Group lessons generally consist of ten students from any of our various chapters. Though we may make modifications to the pace of our sessions, group lessons are fairly rigid and follow our graphics-based curriculum.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are always limited to one student and teacher. Except in cases of limited availability, students will be restricted to tutors from their chapter. Lessons may follow the same format as group sessions, but students can choose to cover whatever they please.

Mixed Services

We strongly encourage our students to enroll in both group and in person sessions consecutively to enhance their learning. Due to teacher availability, we cannot individually tailor our group sessions, and mixed sessions can help plug gaps in understanding.

Past Students


Seeing my son's newfound passion for computer science after completing the six week group course has been incredible. We don't have the AP Computer Science course here in Vancouver, but he is looking forward to self studying for the exam.

Parent of Tim S, Vancouver


As someone not involved in STEM myself, I had never been able to introduce my son to Computer Science. Emaan was very patient with my son and he greatly enjoyed the individual sessions. He was willing to work with us on timings, and I would highly recommend him!

Parent of Jeff, Los Altos


Sid was extremely helpful when working with my daughter. She took a mix of group and individual sessions, and her individual sessions with Sid helped plug her gaps in understanding. I would highly recommend the group and especially individual lessons. Thanks!

Parent of Diya, Palo Alto


We welcome feedback, testimonials, suggestions, or inquiries about our services. Our team will make an effort to respond to every email, but as we are all high school seniors, our response times may be delayed.

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