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Who We Are

We are a Bay Area based computer science education program hoping to introduce computer science principles to students entering the AP Computer Science course. Our lessons are tailored to students without any prior experience, though all experience levels are welcome. All our services are offered free of charge, and we welcome students of all backgrounds and income levels.

Our Difference

Rather than spending a single unit on computer graphics like most programs, we integrate graphics throughout our entire curriculum. From the start, students in all our sessions can see tangible visual changes that result from their code, instead of restricting their learning to the purely conceptual stage. This helps them maintain interest in computer science, as they can see the results of their learning firsthand.

Meet the Team : Bay Area

The Bay Area is our original and largest chapter, and is also the only location where we offer full group sessions. We have taught dozens of students across different sessions.

Meet the Team : Seattle

Our Seattle chapter is relatively new, but can offer limited group sessions as well as individual ones.

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